"There is no normality in life"

"Fuck it"

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Burton and Bonham Carter ultimately fell in love. Really in love. Speak to anyone who knows them and they will tell you that this is one of the great love stories; a truly happy ending for two shy, funny, kind, complex, emotionally weathered souls who have found their better self in the other.
- UK Vogue (July 2013)
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Anonymous asked: hahaha omg I have also heard tim calling helena babe. I live near them so I have seen them walking on the streets a lot, I always hear helena calling tim baby, I have also heard timmy or just tim. I have never heard tim call helena by her name, I have only heard babe, hel, darling and nugget.


Ha xD ‘nugget’? All the other ones are sweet and great, where does ‘nugget’ come from? Love it, he is so strange. 

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a kid from my school just got expelled today for pretending to be russian for 8 months. he pretended he couldn’t read, write or talk english  he did good in all his classes because he had all the teachers and principles convinced he just moved from russia, so they didn’t make him do any work

has no one asked how they found out this kid wasn’t russian 

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